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Thurs 8/2 sim to 12/1

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Thurs 8/2 sim to 12/1

Postby dbemont » Thu Aug 02, 2018 6:40 am

Arbitration is complete, and free agency is underway.

The file is up.

Saturday's sim will probably run a few hours later than usual.

By Saturday, you should be sure that you have protected players for the rule 5 draft
* There are multiple ways to see which of your players are exposed... those minor league players marked with an # on the transactions screen... those players that appear in the draft pool... optional screen under your Front Office page, as demonstrated by Mark here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2198
* The only way to protect a player who is exposed is to add him to the 40 man roster.
* You may create room on your 40 man roster by waiving players/putting them on DFA, but of course those players are then exposed to waivers, and must remain on waivers until they clear.
* Leave empty slots on your 40 man roster for any rule 5 picks you intend to make.
* While it is not a violation of the rules to place an additional player on your 40 man roster next sim, you should make every effort to finalize your roster this time.
Too early to make a draft list -- the pool will change a lot
* Offers to free agents may begin.

Saturday, I will
* Import but not advance the date
* Put up the file with the rule 5 draft pool visible.

For Monday's's sim:
Create your draft list in-game, if you wish to select any players in the rule 5 draft.
* Remember -- if you place your list into the round 1 interface only, you will draft only one player. If you copy and paste to all rounds, you will draft until your list is exhausted. If you copy and paste your list to just rounds 1,2,3, you will get up to three players.
* It is very important to know that players taken in the rule 5 draft must remain on your major league roster all season.

Monday, I will
* Import and process the rule 5 draft in-game
* Sim to 12/15

Then I will sim one week of free aqency each day through mid-January, at which time I will switch to two week sims until spring training.
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