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Sat 7/28 -- Kennel Cup complete, offseason schedule up

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Sat 7/28 -- Kennel Cup complete, offseason schedule up

Postby dbemont » Sat Jul 28, 2018 5:51 am

Congrats to Bob and his Lost Dogs. This is the 28th straight season that they have made the playoffs, but they had not won it all since '20.

End-of-season awards are up on the main site.

Waiver and DFA periods are extended, as the off season begins.

By Tuesday morning, you need to:
* Check that you still have a scout. If not (or if you want a new scout for any reason), send me a bid by email for a scout. All bids are four year offers, minimum is the scout's asking price... You may send bids on multiple FA scouts, but I will consider everyone's #1 choice first and sign the winners before looking at anyone's second choice.
* Respond to in-game emails regarding options
* Adjust arby offers.
* Make contract extension offers.

Tuesday morning I will import, sim to Nov 15 and put up a new file with scouts signed.

By Thursday morning, you need to:
* Adjust arby offers, as you see fit. (last chance)
* Make any last efforts at contract extensions. (last chance)
* Begin to prepare roster for rule 5 draft.

Thursday morning, I will advance to Dec. 1

By Saturday morning
* Begin free agent offers
* Set your roster for the rule 5 draft
(Too early to make a meaningful rule 5 draft list)

Saturday, I will
* Import
* Put up a file showing the rule 5 draft pool

By Monday morning, you should
* Create your in-game draft list

Monday I will
* Import and run the rule 5 draft
* Run a week of free agency

Then sim one week each morning until mid-January.
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Re: Sat 7/28 -- Kennel Cup complete, offseason schedule up

Postby geebob » Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:17 am

Well done, Bob! Lost Dogs had another amazing year.
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