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Round one according to the media

Round one according to the media

Postby The Spouting News » Sun Mar 25, 2018 11:42 am

1 Kingsbury Claw SP Ki-Moon Park - Top strikeout pitcher in college this year, dominating with an FIP of 1.83. Scouts say he throws the heaviest ball in the entire draft, and his stuff is certainly near the top, headed by a killer circle change. Control is just adequate. A worthy #1 pick.

2 Point Breeze Salty Dogs SP Maury Rountree - College righty who relies heavily on a superior cutter. Strong and durable, but has trouble finding the plate at times. Will need to improve in this regard if he is going to live up to his #2 selection.

3 Red Willow Roadrunners - Although the Roadrunners have little pitching in the pipeline, they opted for an outfielder. Which makes sense given Riucu's all around talent. He hits for average, he has a very good batting eye, he has range in the field and speed on the bases. He even has a little power. Could easily have gone higher.

4 Jackson City Snappers SP Lindsay Cartagena - A notch less impressive stuff than the other top pitching prospects, but great control makes up for that. Led nation in WHIP.

5 Hinsdale Hares SP Rafael Pimental - Well-rounded high school pitcher whose numbers were not quite as good as the other top high school prospects. Marginal stamina. Faced top competition so we may be underestimating him, but we just do not see him as being in the same class as the other pitchers who made it into the top 10.

6 Greenwood Outlaws LF Jonah Potter - Hard-working outfielder whose bat will need to carry him because he isn't much in the field or on the bases. A pretty good combination of bat control and power. Excellent character.

7 Seneca Point River Sharks SP Leverton Libby - The only lefty among the elite pitchers in this draft. High schooler with relatively low velocity, but top shelf stuff. Probably possesses the best curve in the draft. Some health concerns.

8 Twin Falls Captains SP Charles Wurtemberg - Held up quite well versus high school hitters, but wild at times. Very tough to take long, and gets a lot of groundballs. If he can improve his control, he could do very well as a pro.

9 Greenwood Outlaws SP Ted Nilsson - Right hander with a plus plus fastball. Stats not commensurate with that of the leaders, but he faced better competition, and anyone with his stuff is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Excellent work ethic, good teammate.

10 Yancey Yellow Jackets SP Aongus Bogill - Forkball and splitter head an array of good but not truly great pitches. Control is probably good enough to get by, but not a plus. Has had arm trouble, and is deficient at holding runners. Respectable but not stellar numbers against very strong competition. Tough on power hitters.

11 Redsand Desperados SP Cesar Moreles - Best change-up in the draft, quite possibly better than any current major leaguer. Does a lot of the little things well, but has always been somewhat vulnerable to the long ball.

12 Langlade Labradors SP Daniel Hurd - Another high school hurler with relatively low velocity. Durable arm, put up great numbers in high school.

13 Cottonwood Coyotes SP Byung-doo Kim - Overaged propsect who demonstrated great control in school. Not at all overpowering.

14 Oakton Axemen SP Sebastiano Navarro - Intriguing prospect who was near the top in Ks against top competition. Solid control. Durable. Not as effective against top power hitters.

15 Ritchford Redwings SP Stanislov Sollomovici - Durable groundballer, who comes into a good situation with an organization nearly bereft of pitching prospects.

16 Jenton Howl SP Grosvenor Isekenmeier - Statistically a couple of notches behind the top pitching prospects, and has had some trouble keeping the ball down.

17 Murray Creek Mudcats SP Max Koster - High school ground baller who is still growing. Great stamina, good durability, plus control. Looks like a very good pick to us.

18 Washburn Sea Wolves CF Gorran von Tettau - Speedy center fielder with good but not great range. Hit for average in college, but his batting eye is a serious concern. Does not hit for power. Good work ethic. Interesting, in that the Washburn organization's cupboard is pretty much bare when it comes to prospect pitching.

19 Northhampton Lost Dogs CF Domingo Burgoa - Third in the nation in batting average. Average power, above average baserunning and fielding. Decent value at pick 19.

20 Denton Yorkies SP Mario Delpilar - Lagged behind the top high school pitchers in all statistical areas, but did play in a tough league. Reasonably good control and a well above average curveball. Looks awkward on the mound.

21 Kendall Fire SP Liam Marshall - Not as successful in school as the other first round college pitchers. Has some talent, including top shelf control and a plus cutter. But it's hard to see him as more than a mid-rotation pitcher, and for that to happen he is going to have to do better at keeping the ball down.

22 St Bernard Terror CF Kei-thing Garman - Second in batting average his senior year, but that was against weak competition. Got away with swinging at a lot of pitches outside the strike zone in college, but this is less likely to work in the pros. Plus plus range, and a pretty good baserunner. Character has been questioned.

23 Blackwood Werewolves SP Bryan Wickman - High school right hander with eye-popping stuff. Fastball and cutter are both of exceptional quality. Needs a little work dealing with top power hitters, but a great value late in round one.

The sandwich picks:

Northhampton Lost Dogs C Don Cornwell - Probably the third best hitting prospect in the draft, but we'd like him a lot better as a first baseman.

Ritchford Redwings 1B Gote Stedholm - Has enough power to make it as a first baseman.

Northhampton Lost Dogs CL Morey Kickland - Top reliever in this year's draft, a true fireballer topping out at nearly 100mph

Point Breeze Salty Dogs SP Jenda Hlavaty - Effective strikeout pitcher in a very low level league, but he has a slider and a cutter likely to give the pros fits, as well. Not a sure thing, but seems like a good pick to us.
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Re: Round one according to the media

Postby Molson » Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:46 pm

great stuff

thanks for writing
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Re: Round one according to the media

Postby St Bernard Terror » Fri Apr 06, 2018 10:49 pm

Thanks again for another fun write up. Truly look forward to and appreciate these.
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