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Round one according to the media

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Round one according to the media

Postby The Spouting News » Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:33 pm

1 Hood River Herons - SP Earl Kotke - Blue chip prospect with no apparent downside. As a senior, tied for NCAA lead in strikeouts. Keeps the ball down, and although he doesn't exactly pain the corners, he has more than adequate control. Top level stamina. Hard-working and smart. Not really a fireballer, but three plus pitches get the job done. Probably not at the level of recent #1 draft picks, but he looks to us like the best in this year's draft, and not the sort to give the Herons any reason for regrets.

2 Kingsbury Claw - SP Talfryn Giambarerdino Jr. - More of a finesse pitcher than Kotke, but nearly as good a prospect. All about the groundout. First rate control, and very tough to take deep. Excellent health. Fairly low velocity for a top pitching prospect. Perhaps not quite as sure a thing as Kotke, but maybe a little more upside.

3 Stratford Lancers - SS Trinidad Gonzalez - Second in the NCAA in hitting. Has a smooth natural stroke and a great sense of the strike zone, could be an offensive star. Outstanding range at shortstop, good hands, adequate arm. Add eye-popping speed. Without a doubt the top non-pitching prospect in the draft, and some thought he would go #1. However, he has a quite a history of lackaisical effort in games and in training. Could turn out to be a superstar, or just a super PIA.

4 Washburn Sea Wolves - SP Riso Stadlober - Brainy, effective high school right hander who has some holes in his game. Most notably, he he does not appear to have a good enough third pitch to be effective as a starter, and he's rather awkward, particularly in his ability to hold on runners. Has some talent, but we are far from certain this will translate into a productive major league career.

5 Red Willow Roadrunners - SP Ewan Arscott - Very productive high schooler with a knack for getting hitters out. At this point, has rather low velocity, but he is still young with time to become stronger. Good prospect, but far from a sure thing.

6 Hinsdale Hares - SP Hart Odear- Not flashy, but an effective right hander who might not have quite control of the other top pitching prospects. We see a future middle-of-the-rotation guy.

7 Twin Falls Captains - SP Forrest Riggs - Easily the most talented southpaw in the draft, but dropped to #7 due to concerns about his stamina. Three plus pitches, and pretty good velocity. Not everyone has seen him as a team player, however.

8 Cottonwood Ravens - RP Tarrence Caunce - Dominated against weak college competion leading all NCAA pitchers in just about every stat -- FIP, ERA, and WHIP and Ks, even avoiding walks. Very good stuff, excellent control, but he has only two pitches, so he will almost certainly be a reliever in the pros.

9 Jenton Howl - RF Robert Keeler - Left handed outfielder who was NCAA batting champ this past season, although critics point out that this was not against particularly strong pitching. Hits for average and some power, but lacks the kind of vision at the plate that would lead to greatness. Just adequate in the field.

10 Redsand Desperados - SP Abdul-Muhaimin "Notes" Bin Hadi - Finesse pitcher who has been quite effective against solid competition, but scouts doubt that he has the pitch variety to start in the pros. Still, he's a hard-working guy who is likely to find a way to help his team win.

11 Seneca Point River Sharks - CF Frederic Gonzalez - Good field, good hit, highly questionable character. The ultimate boom or bust pick.

12 Jackson City Snappers - CL Dana Ionescu - Yet another talented starting pitcher who will almost certainly have to move to the pen in the pros. Great fastball that can be untouchable, but without some pitch variety, it is going to be tough sledding in the rotation. Hard working and a strong arm.

14 Point Breeze Salty Dogs - CF J.C. Hernandez - Great glove in center, and he has a little pop, but even in college his contact skills were below average. Has a long road ahead to make it as a pro.

15 Blackwood Werewolves - SP Luz Salduar - Second tier college pitching prospect with plus control, but a worrisome level of stamina.

16 Ritchford Redwings - SP Pontus Blackberg - Over-aged prospect who did not get a lot of attention leading up to the draft, but has pretty decent movement on his pitches to go with strong control. Unlikely to dominate, but ought to be a solid mid-roation guy. Nice find this late in a sub-par draft.

17 Langlade Labradors - SP Tomas Chicago - Another overaged prospect. Not dominant in college, but a groundballer with good control and a knack for keeping the ball in the park. Weak at holding on runners.

18 Greenwood Outlaws - CF Callix Neal - Led all high schoolers in batting average this year, although he played in a low level league. Has quick wrists and the ability to pull the ball. A lot depends on his glove. Pretty good looking bat for a center fielder, nothing to write home about for a corner outfielder.

19 Denton Yorkies - SP Kelyn Tott - Fairly good high school hurler who split his time between the rotation and the pen. Did not stick out, and does not have much in the way of pitch selection. A mild surprise late in round one, but the cupboard was getting rather bare.

20 Murray Creek Mudcats - SP Josh Perez - Statistically impressive high school pitcher who also split his time between bullpen and starting roation. Scouts are quite concerned about his lack of stamina, but his draft grades were much aided by excellent character. Has more upside than most of the other late round picks.

21 Oakton Axemen - 3B Norvilee Broggen - Hit for power but not for average in college, and scouts that that will be changing in the pros. Several we spoke to expect him to be moved to shortstop in the minors -- he is rangy and reasonably athletic, and he might hit enough for a starting middle infielder.

22 St Bernard Terror - SP Ed Arundell - Only the second left hander to go in a round dominated by pitchers. Not a flashy pitcher, but has a pretty good change-up, and better control than most of this year's prospects.

24 Northhampton Lost Dogs - RF Rodel 'Franchise' Rondez - Led the nation in homers, and has the bat control and compact swing to avoid strikeouts. Not a particularly advanced eye for the strikezone however, and a barely average fielder.

Supp Denton Yorkies - CF John Lampkin - Pretty good contact hitter, pretty good power, knows how to play center. What's not to like here? The closest thing to a steal in this draft.
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Re: Round one according to the media

Postby geebob » Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:55 pm

Great article! Love the analysis.

RP Tarrence Caunce - ... Very good stuff, excellent control, but he has only two pitches, so he will almost certainly be a reliever in the pros.

We'll probably give him a try as a "short leash starter" if he develops well. Will definitely be disappointed if he winds up as a MR, but with a serious shortage of arms in the organization, I felt I had to take the best one available.
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Re: Round one according to the media

Postby St Bernard Terror » Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:16 pm

Thank you. Good read as usual.
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