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First round according to the press

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First round according to the press

Postby The Spouting News » Thu Jan 28, 2016 9:01 am

#1 Hinsdale Hares: LF Guaspar Gabere - All the scouts have drooled over Gabere's power throughout his high school career, and Hinsdale predictably jumped on him with the #1 pick. He is not, however, a well rounded player. Contact was just adequate in school, batting eye marginal, and his fielding borders on being a liability. Still, who can pass up a guy with the potential to hit 40 homers a year?

#2 Cottonwood Ravens: SS Romano Ramos - Speedy infielder with plus power. Did not hit for average in college, but that was against top competition. Seems likely his contact will be adequate for a middle infielder. Listed as a shortstop but has played six different positions over his college career, and it looks like he might be best suited for second base in the pros. Excellent base runner.

#3 Washburn Sea Wolves: 2B Anton Popovici - Was far behind the leaders in hitting his final year of high school, and his glove is only adequate. Far from hopeless, but a bit of a surprise at #3.

#4 Point Breeze Salty Dogs: CF Faro Vásquez - Left handed college outfielder who the scouts think can hit for average in the pros. On the plus side, he did perform against top competition, but on the negative side, he does not seem to have a strong batting eye. Better than average glove.

#5 Ritchford Redwings: SP Octávio Súrez - When was the last time the first pitcher went as late as #5? Súrez led high school pitchers in just about every category. Probably not destined to be a superstar, but rather a solid southpaw.

#6 Redsand Desperados: SP Joo-seok Pak - College right hander who led the nation in ERA, second in WHIP and FIP. A good, well-rounded prospect with stamina and durability.

#7 Denton Yorkies: SP Bill Hausfeld - Right hander who posted good but not great numbers in high school. Good character. Most scouts did not see him as top 10 material, but he has a shot at being a contributer.

#8 Jackson City Snappers: C António Hernández - Switch hitting catcher who flashes some power, but otherwise his batting has been quite ordinary. Has a long ways to go defensively.

#9 Twin Falls Captains: CF Kunz Schenck - Second in the NCAA in batting and tied for the lead in homers. Admittedly, he faced weak competition, but he looks like a batter. And his glove is is even better. A truly great pick at #9.

#10 Hood River Herons: CF Javier Gonzáles - Left handed outfielder who put up so-so numbers against top competition. Scouts think he can hit for power, we think his predilection for swinging at stuff outside the strikezone is going to hold him back. Has played a lot of positions, but he doesn't look like a pro centerfielder.

#11 Oakton Axemen: SS Tomás Martínez - Hit for power but not average in college. Has excellent range but somewhat less athletic ability as a middle infielder. We're thinking that if he has enough offensive ability for a major league second baseman or a shortstop.

#12 Kingsbury Claw: SP Júlio Gutiérrez - Did not really stand out against middle-of-the-road college competition. Seems vulnerable to the long ball, and he is pretty far along at 22 to grow a lot.

#13 Greenwood Outlaws: CF Pierrot Bell - Speedy switch hitting outfielder who lagged far behind the main hitting prospects in batting average as a high school player, and he lacks the kind of range required to play center. Will have to notch his game up quite a bit in order to contribute.

#14 Seneca Point River Sharks: SP Alonso Hernández - Led college hurlers with 1.08 WHIP and and 2.68 FIP. Not among the leaders in avoiding homers, and he's not the sort to go a full nine innings. It's hard to see Hernández as a dominant pitcher, but the River Sharks got pretty good value here at pick 14, in a draft that really wasn't all that deep.

#15 Murray Creek Mudcats: 2B Manuel Gallejos - Competent high school second baseman who did not place among the leaders in any offensive categories. Scouts think he has a chance.

#16 Yancey Yellow Jackets: CF Joong Chuko - Left handed college centerfielder with the kind of range that would allow him to stay in center in the pros. Strong character and excellent baserunner. However, he never hit all that well in school. Still, worth a shot.

#17 Red Willow Roadrunners: SP Bartolo Quintana - Right hander who throws a very heavy ball. Seventh in FIP facing top competition. An underrated guy who might blossom in the pros, but far from a sure thing.

#18 Jenton Howl: CF Cortéz Fernández - Eighth in batting and showed a little pop. Good glove, excellent on the bases. The main thing holding him back is his erratic sense of the strike zone.

#19 Langlade Labradors: SS Luís Sosaya - Second in batting, first in OBP, and an above average base runner. Looks to have enough offensive potential to hold down a regular job in the infield. The problem is that his high school teammates nicknamed him "Stony" in reference to his handling of groundballs. Has played some outfield, but we don't see his bat as sufficient to be a successful corner outfielder.

#20 St Bernard Terror: CF Ju-choer Yi - Only missed the homerun crown by two his senior year, and demonstrated a pretty good batting eye. Did not hit for average, however, and most scouts don't believe that contact will ever be a strength. Pretty good glove, although not in the same class as Gold Glove centerfielders. Solid value at pick #20.

#21 Northhampton Lost Dogs: 3B Iorgu Brezeanu - Has some pop but has never hit for average. Scouts think he has a chance, though, based on a pretty decent knowledge of the strikezone and the fact he is coming out of a top program. Glove will help him, whether the Lost Dogs decide to play him at third or in the outfield.

#22 Stratford Lancers: SS Matías Garza - Middle infield candidate who bats left. Not close to the leaders in batting average, and a subpar sense of the strikezone, but, by infielder standards, he has decent power. Glove is solid and steady.

#23 Kendall Fire: LF Chua chay Song - Hit for power in college, and scouts think his batting average will improve in the pros. It will have to, because neither his glove nor his baserunning will keep him in the majors. Best player remaining on the board when Kendall selected, but not a sure thing.

#24 Blackwood Werewolves: SP Juan Vallés - High school southpaw who looked pretty good but not dominant against weak competition. Strong suit looks to be control. Not a real high stamina guy, although probably strong enough to start.
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Re: First round according to the press

Postby injury log » Sat Jan 30, 2016 9:30 am

Almost didn't see this article this year, since we didn't do forum drafting! Great article, as always.
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Re: First round according to the press

Postby St Bernard Terror » Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:21 pm

Another good read, love that you do these.
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Re: First round according to the press

Postby Oakton GM » Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:44 am

St Bernard Terror wrote:Another good read, love that you do these.

Me too, although I like them more when you think I got the steal of the draft :D :lol:
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Re: First round according to the press

Postby Molson » Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:06 am

great stuff as always....

especially when...

"truly great pick at #9."
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