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Round 1 acording to the press

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Round 1 acording to the press

Postby The Spouting News » Wed Nov 18, 2015 8:16 am

Round 1, Pick 1 - Point Breeze Salty Dogs: CF Teh-huai Lam: Far and away the homerun leader among college hitters with 19, showed solid batting eye, but contact skills just adequate. Could play infield but would make a much better corner outfielder. This year's draft class offered quite a few worthwhile prospects, but no clearcut A+ guys begging to be taken at #1. Lam probably has the best chance of anyone to be a superstar, but at this point he lacks the contact skills necessary to make him a safe pick.

Round 1, Pick 2 - Ritchford Redwings: SP Severo Goraldo: Led the NCAA in ERA, 2nd in WHIP and FIP… while facing top competition. Fireballer who can bring it at 99mph. A bit overage, but otherwise a strong prospect. Odds are that he won't be an dominant ace in the pros, but rather a solid starting pitcher. Safest pick in this draft.

Round 1, Pick 3 - Cottonwood Ravens: SP Teddy Sarkies: Strong, durable right hander who was almost as dominant as Goraldo in school. Of course, it wasn't against quite the same level of competition, but a lot of scouts believe that he'll be just as good over the long run. Ravens got good value here at #3.

Round 1, Pick 4 - Jackson City Snappers: SS Frawsen Ipyana: Rangy, athletic infielder whose arm is good enough to get by at short, but would make a Gold Glove second baseman; flashed a little power in college and seems to have passable contact skills, but he's unlikely to be a skilled hitter.

Round 1, Pick 5 - Kingsbury Claw: SP Shirai Ishimura: High school right hander who most scouts had expected to go late in round one. Not among the leaders in any statistical category, but he could be a sleeper. Good groundball pitcher who is pretty tough on power hitters. Won't ever lead the league in K's, but he is still only 18. If he can add some velocity to go with his movement and control, he may yet turn out to be an astute selection.

Round 1, Pick 6 - Denton Yorkies: 1B Júlio Arenivas: Led high school hitters in homers and batting average this season. Did not face top competition, but looks to have legitimate ability. Hard working and a switch hitter. Some had him rated as the best player in the draft, and, although we wouldn't go that far, he's a very good choice at #6.

Round 1, Pick 7 - Oakton Axemen: SP Alrigo Uribe: Second in ERA and WHIP among high school hurlers, and did it against very strong competition. Excellent control, but decent stuff also. Doesn't look like a superstar, but has a good chance of being a valuable starting pitcher. Our choice as the best value pick in the draft.

Round 1, Pick 8 - Hinsdale Hares: CL Frank Dopfer: Dominant college pitcher who can really rack up the Ks. Lacks pitch variety and stamina to make it as a starter in the pros, but a very good bullpen prospect. Gave up some longballs in school, although that was against some of the top hitters in the country.

Round 1, Pick 9 - Twin Falls Captains: CF Müþfik Nisancî: Right-handed center fielder who performed decently in high school but without particular distinction outside of his base running. Will need to step up his batting skills if he is going to steal bases in the pros. Some scouts have suggested that his skill set is more suited for second base, but he is at least an acceptable outfielder.

Round 1, Pick 10 - Redsand Desperados: C August Rudhart: Switch hitting high school catcher with a plus arm. Looked decent on offense against weak competition, but one should not be expecting great things in that department.

Round 1, Pick 11 - Red Willow Roadrunners: CF Boris Ilie: Offensively, did not perform in the same universe as the other high school hitting prospects. Defensively, he covers adequate ground but still messes up some easy ones. Does have a decent sense of the strike zone, and runs well, but he has a long ways to go before he can hope to contribute.

Round 1, Pick 12 - Washburn Sea Wolves: LF Bonaventure Wilhelm: Abysmal defensive abilities, but he did show a little bit of contact ability in school, and the scouts insist he could develop some power as a pro.

Round 1, Pick 13 - Seneca Point River Sharks: SP Tso-i Tze: Third among HS pitcher in WHIP, and he throws an extremely heavy ball. Definitely has possibilities.

Round 1, Pick 14 - Murray Creek Mudcats: SP Xin Jianbua: Finesse pitcher from a weak college program. Displayed outstanding control, but not quite dominant even at that level. Has talent, but it's unclear how far it can take him.

Round 1, Pick 15 - St Bernard Terror: SP Cidullasa Kumur: Generally very effective against top college competition, although he did give up some homeruns. Not in the same class as the top prospects, but not far behind either. Very durable and dependable.

Round 1, Pick 16 - Greenwood Outlaws: 2B Patrick Jones: Did not stand out among high school hitters this year, and looks stiff in the field. Outstanding bunter who is still very young.

Round 1, Pick 17 - Hood River Herons: SP Alexis Moreno: In a down year for southpaws, Moreno might have been the best left handed starter. Smart, hard working, keeps the ball down well, and throws for strikes. Not dominant, however.

Round 1, Pick 18 - Langlade Labradors: SS Antón Magana: High school shortstop with a pretty good eye for the strike zone, but did not hit for average as a senior. Has nice instincts and a quick first step in the field, but his hands are suspect.

Round 1, Pick 19 - Jackson City Snappers: CL Jean-Philippe Murray: College reliever who keeps the ball down well and is very tough to take deep. Not really the fireballer most teams are seeking in a closer, however.

Round 1, Pick 20 - Yancey Yellow Jackets: CF Francisco Morín: Versatile player who finished fifth in batting average among high school hitters. Has a tough time waiting for his pitch, but he has some potential with the bat, and his ability to play almost any position should help his chances.

Round 1, Pick 21 - Kendall Fire: SP Lennart Nylén: Once considered the top player available in this draft class, but with the strike zone eluding him his entire senior season, it's hard to say how he'll do as a pro. When his control is on, he's pretty much unhittable. True boom or bust pick.

Round 1, Pick 22 - Blackwood Werewolves: CF Jian-gang Meng: Second in batting average versus rather weak competition, and has a pretty good knack for laying down a bunt. Lacks power and instinct for the strike zone, however, and with his defensive skills only suitable for corner outfield, he will probably need to upgrade his overall offensive package in order to make it.

Round 1, Pick 23 - Northhampton Lost Dogs: SP On Xi: Has some talent, but lacks a viable third pitch. Most scouts doubt he can start, and some think he may be a bit vulnerable to the long ball.

Round 1, Pick 24 - Stratford Lancers: SP Shojiro Saito: Very successful high school pitcher who, at present, is a balanced prospect without any visible weaknesses, but no huge strengths either. He's only 18, though, so he may become bigger and stronger. Pretty good pick for the end of the round.
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Re: Round 1 acording to the press

Postby Molson » Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:43 am

great write-up as always, and yet again my pick is panned...
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Re: Round 1 acording to the press

Postby Oakton GM » Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:17 am

Molson wrote:great write-up as always, and yet again my pick is panned...

I know the feeling - I was strangely proud to have my pick praised for what must be the first time, ever. :D
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Re: Round 1 acording to the press

Postby stevem » Sat Nov 28, 2015 4:59 pm

Severo a nice 1.29 WHIP for 5 games and then to the DL for 4-5 months. :(
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