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Round one according to the press

All picks will be made in-game this season.

Round one according to the press

Postby The Spouting News » Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:45 pm

# 1 PB: cf Raul Ranirez - A bit of a surprise at #1. Good although not great bat. Led all high schoolers in batting average. Average power at best, and barely adequate batting eye. In the outfield, really needs to get a better jump on the ball if he is going to stay in center, and his arm is subpar. Very good baserunner, and excellent leadership skills. Not a wasted pick, but we think other players have a better chance to be big time performers in the majors.

#2: Kin: SP Makoto Jouda - High school starter who will probably end up in a pro bullpen due to limited pitch selection. Still, he put up great numbers against strong competition.

#3: Hin: CF Martin Montagu - Controversial outfield prospect who led the nation in homers and displays excellent range in center. He has never hit for average, however, and scouts question his aptitude to learn. Not all that hard working.

#4: Cot - SP Gustave Bellarmine - In a season with no dominant #1 prospect, this college right hander looks as likely as anyone to have a productive career. Throws a very heavy ball. Not a fireballer, but an all-around good prospect. Superb value at pick #4.

#5: Den - SP Nacho Perez - Righty from a marginal program, who put up big numbers through high school. Best groundball pitcher of all the well-regarded prospects, and exhibits incredible control for such a young player. High school pitching prospects are always gambles, especially when they haven't faced decent competition, but Perez looks to be worth the risk.

#6: RS - 2B Ramon Lavastida - Led the NCAA in OBP and has decent contact skills. For an infielder, he's a pretty good hitting prospect, but he won't wow anyone with his glove.

#7: Jen - CF Dante Comotho - Very good centerfielder whose bat looks to be good enough to keep him in the majors, if he can just learn to be a little more selective at the plate. Hard to see him as a big time player, though. Excellent base runner.

#8: Oak - SS Mauro Castillo - Infield prospect with some pop. Among the leaders in homers, but not in batting average. Questionable whether he should be moved to third base. A bona fide top prospect, but he needs to work on his contact skills if he's to become an impact player. Solid pick.

#9: Was - CF Sosuke Mizuno - Can cover a lot of ground in the outfield, but needs to work on his batting eye in order to stick. Major threat to steal.

#10 HR - SP Lionel Schiaffino - An often dominant right hander from a below average program. Can mow them down with a great pitch selection. Probably the pitching prospect with the best chance at greatness, but has some trouble with the long ball. Very, very good prospect. No matter how you cut it, this was the steal of the draft at #10, could easily have gone #1 in this, a rather weak draft year.

#11 Rit - SP Luis Gutierrez - Southpaw finesse pitcher who led the nation in WHIP. A very productive college pitcher who may not be an ace, but ought to transition into a steady major leaguer. Superb control. Great value.

#12 RW - SS Kyung-suk O - Marginal hitting prospect whose only position in the bigs would be shortstop. Has the range to play short, but may lack the hands and athletic ability.

#13 MC - SP Tunay Tarik - Not among the elite in terms of college stats, but he did pitch against some of the nation's top teams. Does not do any one thing well enough to be a star, but has good all-around ability. Has some potential as a hitter, too.

#14 TF - RF Jason Jolley - Decent outfielder whose contact hitting skills might not be quite good enough to do the job in the pros. Has a little pop, but maybe not enough to tip the scales.

#15 SP - SP Tekle-Ab Odhiambo - Smart, hard-working southpaw who put up very good numbers against credible competition.

#16 Lan - SP Ma'mun bin Qasim - Controversial prospect among scouts, some of whom see him as a future star, some as a marginal prospect. Truly dominant pitcher in an abysmal high school program. Has pretty good stuff, if he will keep his pitches down. Serious character issues, however.

#17 JC - C Pedro Cardenas - Has had difficulty learning the strike zone to this point, and he is below average defensively.

#18 PB - 2B Niegloslaw Warzecki - Scouts are not impressed with his offensive prowess, and he does not have the kind of glove to compensate.

#19 Gre - C Sergio Valenzvele - Barely average behind the plate, so he is going to need to up his game a couple notches at the plate in order to have a pro career.

#20 Yan - SP Manchu Miao - Laid back righty who moved back and forth between starting and relief roles in high school. Does not have the stuff to be a dominant pitcher, but he's got a decent chance to be a contributor.

#21 SB - ss Young-lau Au-Yong - Not among the leaders in any offensive category, but scouts think he has enough potential for a look. Has range but not a lot of finesse in the field.

#22 Str - ss Fergus Poyntz - Faced top competition, and hit for a decent average, although he showed some problems recognizing the strike zone. Rangy infielder with questionable hands. An interesting prospect with some holes in his game.

#23 Nor - CL Juan Moya - Fireball who is being looked at primarily as a reliever by pro teams. Has been mistake-prone, but his ability to rack up the Ks makes him well worth a shot. Many scouts expected him to go earlier, seems like Northhampton did well by themselves here.

#24 BW - SP Cedomil Karkunica - Not as productive in high school as the other pitchers generally considered to be top prospects, and his control needs work. But anyone can see there is some ability there.
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Re: Round one according to the press

Postby Mikekem SP » Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:56 am

Since I didn't go into too much trouble with this years draft, I forgot to check for the report. Nice write up as always!
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Re: Round one according to the press

Postby stevem » Mon Sep 14, 2015 7:29 pm

Thanks for the write up. Good read!
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