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Fri 10/13 sim - imports done, waiting to run draft

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Fri 10/13 sim - imports done, waiting to run draft

Postby dbemont » Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:04 am

I have done imports. Despite Mark's reassurances, I am uneasy about the impact of the patch, and I really want to avoid another draft snafu. In fact, unless someone objects, I am thinking of making the rule 5 draft a two day process -- like we do in Extra Innings -- on a permanent basis.

Anyway, I am putting up a pre-patch file, but you should patch before exporting. ... p?t=282044

By tomorrow, you should export with your rule 5 draft list finalized. (And anyone who had trouble getting an export in with their roster set for the draft has another chance... so you are looking at a not-quite-finalized draft pool as you make your list.)

File should be there in ten minutes.
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