Team Exports

Labradors: Aug 19 9:18am
Axemen: Aug 22 7:48pm
River Sharks: Feb 14 5:11pm
Yellow Jackets: Aug 22 7:44am
Yorkies: Aug 23 8:20am
Hares: Aug 21 10:30pm
Lancers: Aug 20 3:08pm
Captains: Aug 19 11:31am
Fire: Aug 22 12:10pm
Salty Dogs: Nov 12 6:14pm
Desperados: Aug 19 11:39pm
Redwings: Aug 22 11:23am
Outlaws: Aug 22 10:24pm
Snappers: Aug 22 11:28pm
Terror: Aug 22 3:55pm
Sea Wolves: Aug 21 8:24pm
Werewolves: Aug 22 8:35am
Herons: Aug 21 10:51pm
Howl: Aug 22 6:47am
Mudcats: Aug 22 10:05am
Ravens: Aug 22 9:44pm
Claw: Aug 22 2:02pm
Lost Dogs: Aug 20 8:38pm
Salty Dogs: Aug 22 7:16am


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Important Notice!

Welcome to the Export Tracker. At the top left, you will see the date and time that the latest league file was upoaded. Please make sure that after exporting, your team shows in bold, indicating an updated export. Old exports will not show as bold. If you have never exported, "No Export" will be noted next to your team. Exports more than 3 weeks old, coupled with more than 3 weeks since your last post on the forums, could result in your team being made available. Thank you..

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